Important Announcement – COVID-19

GSO has issued a communication that your group may find helpful as you decide whether to meet in person.   Online options exist!  There is AA Online Intergroup, as well as many local groups holding “Zoom” meetings.  Please call us at 231-946-8823 or email if your group cancels so we can provide accurate information to the public.

Central Office Is Closed

We are closed, but can deliver, so call us if you need anything.  Also – if you are willing to help us cover the phones remotely, please let us know. Thank you for your support!

Donate Online to Central Office

We have created a way for individuals and groups to donate directly to District 11 Central Office.  Please click this button to donate and thank you!



Zoom directions: 1) Go to ZOOM.COM at the regularly scheduled meeting time; 2) click on join meeting; 3) add the meeting ID.

Group Day/Time In person? Zoom ID/Notes
Alano Club ALL N MON 530P 508-335-670
WED 530P 461-380-692
FRI 530P 495-137-114
SAT 930A 536-857-579
SUN 930A 719-516-416
Beulah Group FRI 12P N
By the Book WED 7P N 356 204 4635
Carp River Group MON 7P N 506-661-415 PW 526816
Common Ground ALL N 431-732-277
Copemish Group TUE 7P N 611-371-4256
Downtown Group WED 12P N Text (see skd)
Foothills Group MON 530P N
Grawn Group MON 8P N
Honor Serenity SUN 4P N
Interlochen WED 8P N 969-953-1325
Keep it Simple (ER) SUN 630P N 356 204 4635
Keep it Simple II FRI 7P N 356 204 4635
Keep it Simple (TC) MON 6P N 576-980-688
Kewadin Satisfaction THU 7P Y 356-204-4635
Kingsley meetings ALL N
Lake Ann FRI 8P N
Lambda SAT 11A N 983 765 555 PW 154978
Long Lake Friends TUE 8P N 745-370-726
Men’s Wed. Big Book WED 530P N
Mill Pond Group (Kalkaska) ALL N ALL 12P 824-212-769
SUN 6P 628-941-095
WED 6P 889-621-340
Monday Women’s Lit MON 7P N 361-324-290
Munson Speaker SAT 8P N
New Hope THU 630P N 576-980-688
Rule 62 ALL N
Salvation Army Women’s THU 930A N
Secular Sobriety THU 7P,
N 472-723-9847
Surrender Today (Kalkaska) FRI 7P N 444-073-8353
West End ALL N 472-723-9847
Suttons Bay Thursday THU 530P N 412-639-200 PW 482292
Westside ALL N 12P 572-901-328
530P 854-123-401
8P 667-908-886
Williamsburg MON/SAT 7P N 356 204 4635
Williamsburg (women) WED 6P N 389 083 4892
Williamsburg (men) SAT 10A N
Cancelled Events
  • 3/28 Michigan Mock Conference in Mt. Pleasant
  • 3/29 Honor Serenity Group Speaker Event
Grapevine Offering Free Access to 2020 Issues

The Grapevine is offering free access to all 2020 Grapevine and La Viña issues – including audio.

5/15-17  NMIA Annual Spring Roundup

The spring roundup is changing weekends AND location in 2020! This time it will be held at the Shanty Creek Resort, 5780 Shanty Creek Rd, Bellaire, MI 49615. Flyer and group donation form here.

2020 International Convention in Detroit – 7/1-4

Detroit is hosting our every-five-year international convention! Be sure to register and get involved – click here to learn more.

Please email us with your AA group’s upcoming events.NOTICE:  Flyers sent to Central Office that contain contact information are stored in search engines. If you do not want your name or phone number online and affiliated with AA, please do not send flyers with that information, or send a picture instead of a PDF.